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This man is a rockstar!

Ken C.


Since 2001 Dr. Lipton has presented his one week intensive course, “Introducing MRI”. The course is given at the Gruss MRRC twice annually and receives consistently outstanding reviews. Taking students through MRI "from A to Z" without assuming any specific technical or mathematical background, "Introducing MRI” comprises 30 hours of highly interactive instruction. Two key features underpinning the accessibility of the course are its rigorous, yet largely non mathematical approach and its emphasis on direct relevance of key concepts to the creation of clinically useful MR images of all types.

Ways to access "Introducing MRI"

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Illuminating the Physics of MRI: Montefiore-Einstein Imaging Expert Attracts a Global Following While Illuminating MRI Physics.

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Totally Accessible MRI, written by Dr. Lipton, is a highly readable companion to the live course.

After Dr. Michael Lipton posted his interactive and accessible course, Introduction to MRI, to YouTube, thousands of students, residents and other medical professional have watched, commented and expressed their gratitude. Why are so many people interested in watching 56 videos about MRI? Here Dr. Lipton shares his thoughts on why his videos are reaching a world wide audience and who inspired him to teach MRI as he does.

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